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Shaun the Sheep has had his debut on a new a brand new platform! He is now able to send personalised wishes to his fans. This is the result of a new collaboration between  multi award-winning studio Aardman  who are known for creating animated characters and Funwisher, a unique wish-fulfillment platform which produces personalised videos.

Do you know the famous Sheep?

Shaun the Sheep, Aardman’s family favourite TV series, is recognised the world over for its slapstick humour, distinctive look and strong, quirky characters and enjoyed across multiple media platforms. First appearing in Nick Park’s 1995 Academy Award winning Wallace & Gromit ‘A Close Shave’, Shaun went on to star in his own series which launched in 2007 and is currently broadcast in 170 territories around the world – making Shaun an internationally celebrated icon.

The licensing agreement with Funwisher is one of the studios latest digital partnerships for the Shaun the Sheep brand.

“This shows enormous confidence of Aardman in our ability to deliver the highest quality experience,” says JarosƂaw KuĆșniar, CEO of Funwisher. “We expect the Shaun the Sheep brand will introduce an awesome personalized video experience to a new audience”, adds Szymon Pawlica, responsible for strategy in Funwisher.

Custom wishes from Shaun the Sheep launched in English-speaking territories around the world in August , giving fans the opportunity to order 5 minute personalised Shaun the Sheep episodes in which Shaun and his friends provide a birthday greeting. The entirely customised wishes from Shaun the Sheep are available online at

We’re delighted to be working with Funwisher to offer our fans something truly unique with their very own personalized Shaun the Sheep episode. What a baa-rilliant birthday gift! – says Rachael Peacock, Senior Brand Manager at Aardman.

What is Funwisher?

Personalized wishes for birthday or anniversary from the stars of the silver screen, the stage, or sport is a dream for every fan. Celebrities mailboxes are bursting at the seams from the number of requests they receive to record a video for a birthday or another special event.

Funwisher is a Polish project delivered by Szymon Pawlica and JarosƂaw KuĆșniar that brings your dreams to your fingertips. All customers need to do is to prepare a photo of the recipient and be sure to know basic information about them, like their name or age. The clip will be ready within a day or is available in 1 hour if you choose the express option..

Polish version of Funwisher was joined by well-known stars, i.a. the footballer Robert Lewandowski, an actor Borys Szyc or the most famous polish journalist and showman, Kuba Wojewódzki. Following the requests from our youngest fans Maya the Bee and Simon’s Cat had also joined the team.

Company details:
FUNWISHER sp z o.o. S. K. A.
ul. Krucza 50, 00-025 Warsaw, Poland
PL 7010805200

The Sheep helps the others

Through this innovative platform, not only will consumers receive an exclusive gift but there is also the added benefit of donating to a charity that Aardman support at the same time. A percentage of sales from each video ordered through will go to one of the following charities; The Grand Appeal, The Children`s Sleep Charity or Brake the Road Safety Charity, and can be selected by the consumer on purchase.. So far the Funwisher platform has raised over 20 000 euro in donations for  charities in Poland.

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